Embrace The New Year With A New Interior Look

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Jan 7, 2013 4:00:23 AM

A new year is upon us and this means that you are probably putting together a list of goals that you would like to accomplish. Why not make one of those goals to change the look of your home? After all, a new year means a fresh new start and can be just the excuse that you are looking for to change some home interior decorating elements that you have grown tired of.

Examine your surroundings

Stop whatever you are doing right now and take a look at the room around you.  What is it saying to you? Is the wall color depressing or happy?  Are the lampshades dirty and old looking?  Are the window treatments and carpet dating your home to an earlier time? Often, we become immune to how our surroundings look because we have lived with it for so long. In our mind’s eye, we see our home interior decorating scheme just as it was when we first put it together. However, nothing stays the same and it is important to look at your home’s interior with a fresh attitude, and a fresh set of eyes.

Start small

When people realize how their home interior decorating elements are dating their home, it can be easy to put down some pretty big goals for their year’s to-do list. However, I advise starting small and turning a big project into several smaller ones. For example, maybe you’ve realized that your entire house could seriously use a design overhaul. Instead of trying to address the problem by working on all of the rooms at once, decide which room will receive attention first. I recommend taking on the room that is the most used in the house—this is generally the kitchen, but you could start with the entry way or living room first.

Keep it realistic

Now that you have decided that your home could do with some changes, it’s time to bring in the realistic factor—money. Any kind of home interior decorating changes are going to cost you so before you get too far in your plans, look at your budget and determine what kinds of changes fit within that budget. Maybe your budget for the new year will only allow you to re-decorate one or two rooms, or replace the carpet with wood flooring and adding new paint to the walls.

Of course, if you have owned your home for 30+ years, you could always take out a second mortgage or use the equity in your home to make the changes that you want.

Don’t go overboard

Sometimes, once you make the decision to change the interior of your home, it can be easy to carry it a bit too far by adding marble countertops, subzero appliances, and computerized systems. This can actually affect your home’s resell value, so before you make any serious home interior decorating changes, you should make sure that they fit within the neighborhood that you live in. Of course, if you intend to live in your home for the rest of your life, then feel free to customize it to your specifications.

What would you like to change in your home this coming year?

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