Shower Head Change-Out In Four Easy Steps

Posted by Campbell Ewald

Jan 13, 2012 11:24:46 AM

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If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom with a new shower head that is mounted in the wall, this is a simple project to undertake and something that anyone can do.  It also requires little in the tool department and will take just minutes to install.


Adjustable wrench                          Teflon tape

1 – Removing the old one

When you are ready to install your new shower head, you want to make sure that your shower knobs are turned tightly to avoid receiving an accidental shower.  If you look at your current shower head, you can see that it looks as if it is simply screwed on and in a manner, this is true.  You will also see a couple of spots on the part of the shower’s head where it connects to the pipe that is coming out of the wall.  They are small and flat and perfect for a wrench to hold onto.

Take the wrench and fit it around that area, making sure to use the adjustment for a firm grip.  Now carefully unscrew the head from the pipe, using a counter clock-wise motion.  I always like to remember the term, ‘righty tighty, lefty loosy’, but you may not need this helpful phrase in your head.  If you are having trouble getting the head to loosen, you can have a friend or family member help you.  Sometimes they can be a bit tough to turn until you get going.

2 – Clean out the pipe

When you get the old shower head off, you want to take a flashlight and look inside the opening of the pipe that is projecting from the wall.  This is a good time to make sure that the pipe is free of debris.  On the outside of the pipe you can see that the end is shaped with lines that circle it and these lines are called threads.  Sometimes, you may find that there is some goop or Teflon tape that is clinging to the threads so it is important to clean all of it off so that the threads are ready for the new shower head.

3 – Wrap the threads

Now, take the Teflon tape and cut a strip that is about 12 inches long.  Once you have it cut, you are going to wrap it around those newly cleaned threads several times.  The Teflon tape will prevent any water from leaking out of that connection once the new shower head is on.  Make sure that you do this in a clockwise direction (righty tighty) and keep it only on the threads so that you won’t see it sticking out when the new shower head is attached.  After you wrap the tape around you are going to press it against the threads to help it conform.

4 – Install the new head

If your new shower head comes with a rubber washer, you need to make sure that you put it in the connector on the head before attaching it to the pipe.  Make sure to tighten the head onto the pipe with your hand only as you could accidently push the washer into the pipe which will give you problems with leakage.

If your new shower head comes without a rubber washer, you can just put it on, using your hands only to tighten it.  If the shower head leaks, then put a towel or cloth over the connection and using the adjustable wrench, tighten it a little more.

Have you replaced a shower head before?

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