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Posted by Campbell Ewald

Dec 9, 2011 3:44:26 PM

Part of the holiday celebrations includes the wonderful holiday dinner where everyone gathers around a beautifully decorated table and enjoys a large array of dishes.  With so many guests, you do not want to serve your carefully prepared dishes in serving ware that is used for everyday purposes.  No, you want to have serving ware that is just as beautiful as the dishes you are eating off of.  It is important to choose pieces that you actually going to use when you serve that delicious feast so let’s talk about the most common pieces in serving ware.


One of the most important serving ware pieces is the platter because it is upon this that the main dish is usually served.  If you are serving turkey, you want to make sure that the platter is going to be large enough and strong enough to support the turkey.  It is also important to choose a platter that is going to match or blend well with your other china.  Some china sets do come with an optional platter and it is a good idea to get the matching platter so you will not have to search for one later.  I’m not much for patterns on my china and so I have a platter that is one solid color, enabling me to use it at any time of the year for chicken, ham, or a small turkey.  In fact, it is not a bad thing to own two platters in different sizes so that you always have one to use.  In addition to a meat platter, you should also have a couple of flat platters for cheeses, fruits, and other holiday goodies.


Pitchers are a good thing to set on your table and depending on the length of your table, you will want to have one or two of them.  With pitchers, you can find ones that match either your china or your stemware.  You can also choose ones that are ornate in cut crystal, or simple in porcelain, glass, earthenware, or silver.  What is nice about the variety of pitchers that are on the market is that you can easily find some to suit your home or holiday style.  For holiday themes that are more natural, I suggest stoneware in a warm color to fit in with your natural greenery and other accents.  Formal tables call for crystal, glass, or silver pitchers and modern holiday tables can be brightened with bright colored pitchers in porcelain or stoneware.

Serving Bowls

When choosing serving ware, you always want to make sure to get several serving bowls in varying sizes.  The number of bowls is usually determined by the size of the table (after all, your table will only be able to hold so many).  You want a large bowl for things like chips or mashed potatoes, a couple of medium sized ones to serve vegetables, fruit salad, and other such dishes, and then smaller ones for sauces, dips, and cranberry sauce (my favorite dish).  You can choose a set of bowls with a pattern on them such as snowmen, ivy, trees, or bowls from the same line, but in different solid colors such as red, orange, blue, gold, and silver.  Again, make sure that the bowls are not going to clash with what is already on the table.

What do you use to serve your holiday dinner?

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