Kitchen Window Treatment Tips

Posted by Campbell Ewald

Dec 29, 2011 8:14:35 AM

Deciding on the type of window treatments for your home can be difficult—especially with so many choices that are out there.  Window treatments are an important element in interior design and really affect the room’s overall look and set off the room’s furniture and other decorative elements.  Here are several tips to help you choose the right treatments for your windows.

1 – Select The Right Color

When choosing the window treatment, whether they are blinds, valances, drapes, or Roman shades, make sure that the color is appropriate.  Right now the trend is with natural colors such as a terra cotta orange, which I particularly like, black, green, gold, but remember that certain colors can make your room look smaller or larger.  For small kitchens you want to stay with lighter colors to create an illusion of being larger than they are.

2 – Less is Best

Right now, the trend is to cover your window with less so if you have the heavy draped valances in your kitchen it’s time to take them down and replace them something that is lighter.  Upholstered cornices, which are half boxes for the tops of windows, are a great choice because you can add color but the kitchen stays fresh looking.  You can choose a number of designs to fit any kitchen and they are easy to care for.

3 – Controlling natural light

While I like natural light and think it is a must for any kitchen, in the summers, you might find that too much sunlight turns the kitchen into a hot area that you do not want to be in.  If your kitchen faces the sunny side, to offset this problem, look at window treatments that can minimize the sunlight when you want it minimized such as wood blinds or shades.    You can still create a light looking space with all kinds of colors such as white or cream, or in a light natural wood depending on the kitchen cabinets that you have.

4 – Textures

With the trend for natural textures appearing in new home design you can carry this to your window treatments by selecting natural materials such as bamboo or rattan.  These materials bring a ‘green’ feel to your kitchen and work well with most designs—especially contemporary or traditional.  You can get these materials as choices in blinds and shades and they create a nice blend with wood cabinets and other furnishings.

5 – Drawing Out Patterns

Another current trend for some kitchens, if you are using a fabric window treatment, is to choose material that is echoed elsewhere in your kitchen.  For example, if you are putting together a country kitchen with farm animals, and you have upholstered stools at a kitchen island, you could bring out that upholstery by using the same material for your window treatments.  Doing so creates a unity in your kitchen and will tie in the fabric that you used for pillows or other furnishings.

6 – The Curved Element

To soften the angular lines of your kitchen, think about using curved window treatments.  This works really well in smaller spaces and can add an elegant feel to a traditional or European kitchen.  It is important to work with the shape of your window when deciding whether to use a curved treatment but for arched windows it is a great look.

What window treatments do you use in your kitchen?

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