How to Create A Holiday Welcome For House Guests

Posted by Campbell Ewald

Dec 7, 2011 4:29:56 PM

The holiday decorations are all hung, the menu for the big dinner is planned and now all that is needed are the expected guests.  If you have guests and family who are coming to stay in your home for the holidays, it is important to make them feel welcome and special.  The people whom I invite into my home are special individuals in my life and I always want them to feel comfortable.  Here are some ways that you can make your guests feel special.

1 – Extra Blankets

If you have grandparents or older parents coming, it is important to remember that they get cold.  I like to place a couple of extra blankets on the end of the bed for them to use in case they need them.  I try to make the offering a little more special by placing a sprig of greenery on top with a satin ribbon.  You can also make sure that the bed itself has warm blankets placed on it and even an electric blanket would not hurt.  Your guests will greatly appreciate it in the middle of the night when the temperature drops.

2 – Scents

Be sure to freshen up the room a couple of days before your guests arrive by opening the windows and letting in the crisp air.  I usually do this for an hour each day to get rid of the stale air and then on the morning of my guests’ arrival, I will put in a scented candle like pine or berry to give the room a welcoming feeling to it.  There are a lot of scents to choose from but I try to stay away from flowered and heavy scents and focus on light holiday smells like peppermint, mulberry, and pine.  These smells tend to enhance the atmosphere of the room rather than overwhelm it.

3 – Guest Basket

On the dresser, let your guests know how special they are with a small basket filled with goodies that are just for them.  You can choose hand lotions, holiday snacks, lip balm, a pair of gloves, or some other useful gift that they will enjoy.  You might even want to start a new tradition and present your guests with holiday pajamas or a shirt, depending on your relationship to your guests.

4 – Clean Impression

This seems pretty obvious, but you should always make sure that your guest room(s) is clean and tidy.  If you tend to use the dressers or closet for extra storage, you should clean out those items so that your guests can settle in nicely.  You want to create a welcoming room where they can be themselves and not have to deal with your stuff.  After all, you don’t want your parents or grandparents to live out of their suitcase for the week.  It is also a good idea to make sure that the dressers are cleared of whatever you had on them.  I like to put a small potted tree on the dresser or some other decorative item that echoes the home’s décor.  You can even personalize the room to your guests, putting in holiday items that you know they will enjoy.

5 – Bath Supplies

Make sure that there are towels and sufficient bath toiletries provided for your guests.  You can dress up the towels with ribbon or a fun ornament and set them on the bath vanity and then set a basket of shampoo, holiday themed soaps, toothpaste, and other items next to it.  If your guests are sharing a bathroom with other members of the family, I would place the bath supplies in their room on the dresser.

What kinds of things do you do for your guests?
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