Creating Your Holiday Breakfast Table

Posted by Campbell Ewald

Dec 20, 2011 4:40:28 PM

With the holidays here, one part of entertaining and decorating that you may be overlooking is the holiday breakfast table.  The holiday breakfast is a big deal in my home and I like to make it its own special event with a fun theme for the table.  You can also make it a semi-formal table if you wish, depending on who is coming for breakfast.

The centerpiece

For the centerpiece on a breakfast table, you want to avoid the elaborate flower arrangements, towers, and other items that you find on the holiday dinner table.  One idea that I like is using a small live tree that comes in a burlap bag or you could get an imitation one if you like.  You could also choose a large plump snowman, or snow couple, as a centerpiece if you are going to have children present.  A basket of holiday fruits and nuts also make a great choice for a table that is rustic or country in style.  If you have a long table, put a couple of centerpieces on it.  Another idea that I like to do is take a colorful glass bowl and then fill it with beautiful glass ornaments in a 2-3 color scheme.

Accent pieces

Once you choose your centerpiece, choose fun smaller pieces to go with it such as ceramic gifts or holiday figures if you are using a tree as your centerpiece.  You could display a collection of humorous snow people to accompany your centerpiece if it is a snowman or you could do something completely different and create snowballs in different sizes and shapes and maybe a pile of snow for a potential snowball fight using craft materials.  This would be a fun idea if you are making snowman pancakes and then have bowls of different candy to decorate the pancakes with.  Maybe you choose to create a holiday village for your breakfast table around the tree centerpiece or display collections of holiday salt and pepper shakers.


The plates, bowls, and other china pieces that you use for the breakfast table should have a lack of formality about them.  This is where you want to use those fun holiday sets that are sold everywhere with cartoon snowmen, holiday presents, ornaments, or other lighthearted motifs.  You can also mix colors of china pieces if you do not want to have a patterned set, or you could have your plates a solid color and then have bowls that are printed with a holiday theme.  You want to make sure that the plates and bowls complement each other on the table.


I suggest keeping linen to a minimum for the holiday breakfast table, using a simple table runner instead of a tablecloth for the centerpiece.  You can even eliminate the placemats or if you do use placemats, use ones that are made out of woven straw or a less formal material.  Keep the linen napkins for the dinner table and use festive paper napkins with a holiday pattern or picture on them.  When you choose a runner for your breakfast table avoid choosing a brocade material or satin as this indicates more formality than you want your table to have.  I would select a simple solid colored runner with maybe some holiday motif embroidered around the border of the runner.

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